Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday (already!?)

795.  Hearing the truth spoken in love.
794.  How excited Abby is that I'm going to be her kindergarten teacher.
793.  The perfect walking track at Central Baptist Church. 
792.  Being allowed to drink tea & coffee in moderation on my new "kidney stone prevention" diet.
791.  A zero balance.
790.  No wait at the doctor's office.
789.  Lunch dates with Sam.
788.  Leftover Japanese food.
787.  Cooler-than-average high temperatures.
786.  Knowing that Jesus is praying for me.
785.  Reaching a new 10's place on the scale.
784.  Finding something to laugh about every single day.
783.  Apologetics.
782.  Evidence of common sense.
781.  Seeing truths stick with my five year old.
780.  Coupon errors in my favor.
779.  Homeschool materials available at the Dollar Tree.
778.  Unsolicited compliments.
777.  The men who so bravely stormed the beaches at Normandy to protect our freedoms.
776.  The farmers tan that comes after a long day of yardwork.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Blessings

775.  The joy of getting to go to Grammie's house, whether individually or as a family.
774.  Sarah's sassy new hand-on-hip stance.
773.  An edged driveway and front walk (Thanks Sam!).
772.  A new, easy, out-of-the-world recipe.
771.  A girl on each arm as Sam reads the bedtime story.
770.  The scent of fabric softener on my night-time runs around the neighborhood.
769.  Clean floors.
768.  Unadulterated joy on Ben's from simple things like slimy tree frogs.
767.  Free ice cream @ Dickey's BBQ.
766.  The practicality of babywearing with the 4th child.
765.  The privilege of being able to console a child, whether my own or not, with nothing but a hug.
764.  Juicy baby sugar that's dripping down my hand as I type.
763.  Unplugged days full of playgrounds and tired muscles.
762.  Free shipping.
761.  Seeing through a 12 year old challenge by my now-deceased grandfather to read through the New Testament (I did it, Grandpop!  And the Old Testament too!)
760.  The opportunity to use a 3rd generation sewing machine to make dresses for my girls.
759.  Tomato plants that are thriving!
758.  Smiles from unexpected strangers.
757.  The healthy, hearty immune systems of 5/6th of our family so as not to succumb to Abby's short-lived virus.
756.  Sunday mornings at Central Baptist Church where the Spirit moves and family abounds.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thankful Thursday

755.  Watching Ben make a conscious effort to make good choices, even when it's painful.
754.  Abby's helpful spirit.
753.  The reprieve from the heat when the sun momentarily goes behind a cloud.
752.  Those four funny long hairs on the top of Leah's head that qualify her as not-completely-bald.
751.  Debt-free living.
750.  Free Kindle books.
749.  Anne Graham Lotz's God's Story and how it has helped me to listen while reading scriptures.
748.  Sam's latest stir-fried zucchini concoction.
747.  The relaxation of a rare commitment-free Saturday.
746.  Parents who may be hundreds of miles away, but who are always as near as a phone call.
745.  The feeling of community on our little cul de sac.
744.  The drenching rains from Tropical Storm Beryl that crossed over so many areas of extreme and severe drought.
743.  The ability to stay home, even though I never knew I wanted to.
742.  A 30-minute massage and pedicure for Mother's Day.
741.  Summer days so full that Sarah goes straight to sleep at naptime.
740.  Mornings where the temperature takes its good ol' time getting up into the 90's.
739.  Bike rides at the park.
738.  Shampoo & conditioner samples from hotels.
737.  My own shower after being away from home.
736.  The little sighing noises that don't quite qualify as snores Leah makes while sleeping away.
735.  A temporary reprieve in gas prices for Memorial Day weekend.
734.  Aldi grocery stores for their inexpensive produce and seasonal items like sunscreen and inflatable waterslides.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Because a spirit of gratitude is a lifelong commitment...

It's been a really long time...but that doesn't mean I haven't been recognizing the things for which I'm thankful...I just haven't been documenting them on this blog.  I suppose it's okay to pick up where I left off?

733.  The way little kids legs don't reach the ground when they sit in a chair.
732.  Surprise visits from friends who stop by with coffee and donuts "just to cheer me up."
731.  The chubby thighs, triple chin, and dimpled elbows on my gorgeous newborn.
730.  The way Warner Robins rallied to find a missing 10-year-old this week - I'm proud to be a part of a community that came together with all of their resources to do what's right...and even more than that, knowing how many prayers were said for this boy by name.
729.  The way even a brief rainfall can turn a crunchy brown landscape green.
728.  Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies - especially as a "Welcome Home from the Hospital" surprise from an amazing husband.
727.  Hand-me-down clothes.
726.  A kidney-stone-FREE pregnancy.
725.  The peace I have about "giving up" my career.
724.  A Bible Study that didn't teach me "something", but gave me the ability to listen to God through reading His Words.  Super awesome.
723.  The process by which God brought me home from work.
722.  The incessant smiles of my happy two-month-old Leah which can be prompted by the simple sound of a "goo" or "guh".
721.  The five and two year old sisters who safely occupied themselves while I fought a kidney stone last Friday waiting for Grammie to arrive.
720.  The rare sight of not one but two chickadees at our bird feeder today.
719.  Days like this where the breeze and lower temperatures make me forget that summer is around the corner.
718.  The windows in my kitchen that look out on the playground in our backyard where I can watch our girls enjoying themselves until the dark makes them come inside.
717.  Freshly mowed and trimmed grass.
716.  Seeds Family Worship CDs
715.  A husband who can handle it all with ease - even four kids, an ailing wife, a disastrous house, and a demanding job.
714.  In-laws and parents who are willing to hop in their cars from 2.5 hours and 12 hours away at the first phone call for help.
713.  A cul-de-sac full of playmates for my children.
712.  Amazing neighbors who step up not just willingly but eagerly to help us in emergencies.

Linking up today with Jade at Constant Chatter for Thankful Thursday.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

After Way Too Long...

711.  The gift of my next breath.
710.  Spontaneous, deep, belly laughs from my precious Sarah.
709.  Ladybugs landing on me while I cut the grass.
708.  A surprise purple cone flower amid a patch of yellow cone flowers.
707.  The fact that Sarah sleeps with my baby blanket every night.
706.  Summer Reading Programs and the Perry Library.
705.  Being able to stay home with my children this summer.
704.  The privilege of seeing God's beautiful artwork from the vantage point of the Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego, California.
703.  The inspiration of a team of knowledgeable Sunday School teachers with a passion for the Word.
702.  A husband who delightfully prepares delicious food for our family.
701.  A toddler who is learning to use her words.
700.  A chorus of snores from the hallway of children.
699.  God's work through prayer - not necessarily how He answers them, but that He uses them to prepare me for His Will.
698.  This man's testimony  
697.  The sense of urgency to share Jesus when I really stop to think that this could be my last breath.
696.  The moments where God strips everything away that just doesn't matter and exposes my heart.
695.  Dental insurance.
694.  The fortitude and generosity of a friend for organizing and opening her house to moms and kids for a summer Bible study.
693.  The cooperation of 3 awesome kids as we got locked out of our car on one of the hottest days of the year.
692.  Time with great friends, to the point that you don't realize how much time has passed and you don't want them to have to leave.
691.  Desiring to listen for God's voice - because I know He's trying to tell me something.
690.  Vacation Bible School!
689.  The opportunities to be still and hear God speaking to me.
688.  The conviction on my heart today.
687.  The opening of an Aldi in our town.
686.  Watching Abby set an example for her parroting baby sister.
685.  The tenacity of my toddler, though  it frustrates me now, I know I'll be grateful she's this way in the future.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

684.  The opportunity to stay home, however unanticipated and unlikely it was for me.
683.  Watching my girls become best friends - right before my very eyes.
682.  Seeing my toddler gently swaying her baby dolls to sleep.
681.  Arriving home to a yard full of blooming azaleas.
680.  The clouds that help me appreciate the sun.
679.  The extra-greenness of an overcast day.
678.  Upward Soccer.
677.  Selfless offers of help from friends.
676.  Free parking.
675.  Carpooling.
674.  Safety through the storm.
673.  The ability to comfort my kids during a wicked display of nature overnight.
672.  Reuniting with my toddler after a week away and watching her dance with excitement over seeing her brothers and sisters.
671.  Meeting new friends that feel like old ones.
670.  Seeing living examples of God's grace acted out through other people.
669.  Introducing my kids to the wonderful world of foot massages.
668.  Free coffee round-the-clock in the hotel lobby.
667.  The back roads.
666.  Stepping right into puddles for the fun of it.
665.  Being able to calm my kids' fears with the simple holding of their hand.
664.  Hearing my toddler yell "Mommy, Mommy" over the phone.
663.  Bone lessons from a non-fiction-loving seven year old.
662.  Ponchos and umbrellas.
661.  Spontaneous giggles from a happy-go-lucky four year old.
660.  Happy kids swimming in the rain.
659.  Log-cutting snores.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Totally Thankful Tuesday

658.  The creativity to invent games no matter where we are to entertain the kids.
657.  Dirty hands, feets, and faces.  Hello spring time.
656.  Not crying for the duration of the phone call during which I was informed that I did not get the job I hoped for.
655.  A candid chat with my former boss to let me know he's not avoiding my phone calls.
654.  The perks of civil service employees.
653.  Remembering not to raise my voice and seeing it work when I don't.
652.  Finding relevance in every lesson I study in Seeking A Heart Like His by Beth Moore.
651.  Free samples of coffee.
650.  Notes of cheer in the mail.
649.  The sacrificial help of family.
648.  Aptly revealed Scripture passages.
647.  A lucky winning streak on door prizes at the Sunday School teachers meetings.
646.  Watching my little girl bounce around playing soccer.
645.  All 3's on my first grader's report card.
644.  The predictability of my son's first question in the afternoon, "When we get home, can I play outside?"
643.  Cool mornings, warm afternoons, and pleasant evenings.
642.  Allergy medicine.
641.  The re-birth of spring time.
640.  Experiencing peace in the midst of bad news.
639.  Getting to see the wheels turning in my toddlers brain as she learns to mimic everything her older siblings say and do.
638.  The patience-building exercises God has given me, otherwise known as naptime with Sarah.
637.  A gentle husband who reminds me time and time again of the ineffectiveness of raising my voice.